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People on steroids are on them for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons people on steroids use them is because they have been medically prescribed to use the drugs. People on steroids for medical reasons might use them as a hormone replacement or as a treatment of slow or stunted growth. Additionally, people on steroids may be using them to medically treat chronic wasting as a result of another illness.

People on steroids might also be on steroids because they want to reap the benefits of an enhance appearance as well as improved performance in athletics. There are reasons why people on steroids see these benefits. Steroids are actually natural or man-made forms of naturally occurring hormones in the body (namely, testosterone). What happens to people on steroids is that the drugs help the body produce lean body mass (generally muscle, but for medical reasons it can help replace lost bone as well as other body tissues). This increased muscle gives people on steroids a leaner appearance and also increased strength which can help improve performance.

What people on steroids, or people who want to be on steroids, don't always understand is that there can be some huge repercussions to using steroids. First of all, steroids that are not medically prescribed are illegal in the United States and people on steroids for non-medical reasons could suffer from legal action. People on steroids might also experience changes in their health, especially if they don't closely monitor the effects of the steroids. Some health changes for people on steroids include increased blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, liver and kidney damage and cardiovascular issues. Other effects for people on steroids include changes in gender characteristics (primarily the appearance of female characteristics in males and male characteristics in females). Additionally, people on steroids might experience premature baldness and acne.