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All Men and Women are Created Equal??

Trevor L. Smith


Since my last article (The Four Demons) seemed to score highly with the readers I thought I would spend some time discussing the topic of equality and how we can relate it to bodybuilding.

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It has long been stated that all men and women are created equal and that "you can be and achieve anything you put your mind too", but how many people actual believe this to be a truism. I mean really, what the heck kind of idiolistic bullshit is a statement like "All men are created equal" or better yet: "You can be anything you set your mind too" Now what a second, I thought this was supposed to be some sort of motivational based article? Well what I am trying to do is get you all to admit that even though we are taught to believe in ourselves few people actually do. And even though we are told that All men are created equal, we really do not believe it and finally even though it is ingrained that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to deep down we know we can't.

Now that we have that established let's take each statement and discuss it's true meaning and how it can be applied to allow us to further our goals.

All Men Are Created Equal: True or False?.....TRUE

First and foremost the statement that all men are created equal does not mean so from and external point of view. Being a Martial Arts instructor I got to see first hand the way Mother Nature and Darwinism works. Survival of the fittest is alive and well and unfortunetly some of us are born weaker and more feable and with less intelligence. This is the natural order of things and it is meant in insure that only the cream of the crop from the human animal passes along those wonderful genetics for the next generation. However, man was given the gift of self awareness and also high intelligence in comparison to all other animals. The combination of these two things prevent the natural order of the weak being killed off from existing. So what does life then hold for those of us who are born with average or even below average intelligence and physical gifts? Do we shove them into a room and expect little to nothing from them and do they expect little to nothing from themselves? Of course not. Once you understand that most of the gifts afforded to man exist internally you begin to understand the statement that all men are created equal is true.

Let's take a look at a rather extreme example: Me versus Michael Jordan in a game of basketball

Me: 6'1" 335-350lbs (depending on how much of a carb consuming pig I can be)

Michael: 6'6" 225lbs of shredded muscle with amazing endurance and jumping ability..

Now that all you guys are done coughing up your Protein drinks (I hope it is Ultra-Pro 5 of M.R.P. Factor 2…I know shameless plug) where do you want to place your bets.

Of course…you all picked Michael (and if you didn't go get your fucking head examined)

Now the game begins and as expected I don't score a single point and I almost have 2 coronaries and a stroke running down the court just once, but somhow I manage to finish the game through sheer determination and Michael wins 200-0

Now seemingly you all would be happily awaiting to collect your easy money but I hate to inform you all that you LOST!

Wait now what the fuck is he talking about?

Yes you all lost! And the reason is obvious to all those who understand the statement All Men Are Created Equal. You see the name of the game—the only game that matters—is playing to your maximal level in all situations at all times….for the only person that you have to ever beat is the person within. Now I would expect Michael Jordan to be able to score at least 500 points against someone as fat, bloated and horribly equipped to play the game of basketball as I am. The fact that he only scored 200 points means he did not challenge himself. I on the other hand did everything I had to and could do just to finish the game. (Truth be know the reason why Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time has little to do with his physical gifts and everything to do with the fact that NOBODY has ever had more drive and determination in the sport of basketball EVER.)

Why should it matter what the competition is? Why should our output be determined by external factors? Everytime you do something, do it with 100% focus, dedication and commitment. Do this and YOU CAN NEVER FAIL AND YOU CAN NEVER LOSE AND NOBODY CAN EVER BEAT YOU! All Men Are Created Equal means that everyone has the chance to give 100% maximal effort. This does not mean that 100% of my effort will ever result in me being a professional basketball player and beating the likes of a Jr. Highschool kid let alone the greatest of all time, but it means that I will always be a champion.

If you are sad enough to measure your success by external things, your life will never be complete…especially in bodybuilding. Especially with todays judges! But if every time you enter the gym you put out maximal effort and intensity—trust me when I say many believe they do this and next to zero actually do—you will bring to life feelings that there is nobody better than you and that external success is only a result of the times we live in. Let's face it, being good at basketball wouldn't mean Jack Shit 500 years ago, but having the ability to stay focused and demand 100% of yourself at all times ALWAYS PAYS HUGE DIVIDENDS NO MATTER WHAT TIME PERIOD YOU WERE BORN IN.

Those who are sad enough to take physical and genetic gifts and use them as a crutch to coast through their lives are not worth spit in my world nor are they spit in the eyes of the universe.

I see a guy in the gym who is in their busting his ass every fucking day……and I am talking about just making his way from the car to the entrance of the gym. You see he has no motor control of his legs and gets around with the add of two crutches that attach to his wrists. He struggles just to get into the various machines and yet he is there every day….always in a good mood always happy to be alive and always training hard. I see him and feel like a piece of shit for ever feeling sorry for myself. He puts me to shame and I have never seen anyone that can hang with myself or Ian in terms of training. He is a true Mr. Olympia…He is a True world champion powerlifter. I have it easy.

It is when I see people like this that I realize that in terms of internal effort and dedication every man is created with an equal chance to reach their maximal potential. So how does this apply to a bodybuilder? Simple. If given the choice between training at your maximum potential and giving 100% effort everytime you train and diet, and being a genetic freak it will clearly serve you to choose the former. Does anyone doubt this? If so explain why Flex Wheeler could never beat Dorian Yates. Here are two men at opposite ends of the spectrum. Flex—possibly the most genetically gifted athlete ever to step on a bodybuilding stage, and Dorian—possibly the worst genetics ever to win the Mr. Olympia. Yet history will show that—injuries aside—Dorian Yates was possibly the greatest Mr. Olympia EVER (I am talking about his 1993 physique, before the injuries). How is this possible? Simple. Dorian chose to "Carpe Diem" (seize the day) and make sure that everytime he stepped foot in the gym, nothing else mattered. His nickname should have been the Zen Machine rather than the Shadow as his focus and intensity and dedication are far more impressive than his Olympia wins and bodybuilding accomplishments. He gives maximal effort and gets MAXIMAL results. Now Flex on the other hand gives half ass effort yet still gets great results, but at the end of the day and the end of his career, Flex will have to go to bed knowing that he could have done more and he could have achieved true greatness. Internally both he and Dorian were given the same opportunity and started from the same place and hence equal, yet he threw away this opportunity every single day choosing instead to rely on his genetic gifts. Where did it get him? It never ceases to amaze how much ground can be made up by ass busting, balls to the wall dedication, focus and intensity and in this lies the lesson for all of us asiring bodybuilders. GENETICS CAN BE EASILY OVERCOME……ALL MEN ARE CREATED WITH THE SAME ABILITY TO ASPIRE TO GREATNESS. IF YOU KEEP THE FOCUS ON YOURSELF AND DEMAND NOTHING BUT EXCELLENCE AT ALL TIMES AND KEEP YOUR EYES, EARS AND MIND FOCUSED ONLY ON THE TASK AT HAND, YOU WIND UP SURPASSING THOSE WHO YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU WOULD CATCH.

So are all men created equal? Yes, but not the way most people think. However, when one understands how true this statement is, it can be like having a secret path that everyone knows about, but few seldom follow.


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